Busiest Time of the Year

Ahhh the Holiday season has arrived! All the hustle and bustle of preparing feasts, decorating, buying gifts and seeing family. There is almost never a spare moment near the end of the year. I myself have been drifting through these days as I try to prepare for the holidays festivities. It’s hard to remember that Thanksgiving has already come and gone. This year’s Thanksgiving was not like the others I have had the past 4 years since moving to Pennsylvania to live with my fiance. Family was missing where as other family we don’t normally see was present. It was still nice to see everyone and meet the newest member, little Abrianna. She is so cute with her chubby little cheeks! She is my fiance’s step niece, so that basically makes me her Aunt! How was your Thanksgiving? Well I hope! We started the day off by going to church, where the pastor talked about not forgetting to stop and take a moment to give thanks to God and to remember to put him first rather than the gifts and the hype of the season. It was really good to hear. And then before we knew it, the first day of Advent began, on a Sunday too! I have volunteered to help decorate the church this Saturday and the fiance and I have volunteered for the church choir to lead Psalms and songs during the Christmas Eve service. So this has been my last few days to date, not to mention the fact that me the fiance practically rearranged the entirety of our Apartment! PHEW! And I started scrubbing down parts of the apartment I never got to during the spring, and am hopeful to continue today. So, how do you prepare for this busy time of year? Don’t forget to take a moment each day and say a little prayer of thanks to God and Jesus!

Thank you for stopping by and Hope to see you again soon ❤