An Exhausting Day, and It isn’t even over yet!

PHEW! boy am I exhausted. As you know, from my last post, I’ve been sick and/or recovering from injury, for almost 2 months now. So that means, my house got disgusting…really, really disgusting. Granted, the fiance did at least, most of the time, wash the dishes…that still left me with everything else. Tomorrow my future mother-in-law is coming up to our place to go to church with us and then go to a Bridal Expo with me afterwards, so I needed to make sure my house was not a ball of cat hair and dirt. UGH. I feel like 5 showers wouldn’t be enough to get me clean! The sad part, I’m still not done and as of writing this, it’s 4:30pm and I’ve been going since 10am!! Though, I did take some time to do extra spring cleaning type stuff as well, such as, throwing out old magazines and rearranging the bathroom and the book shelves. It was much needed! I hope I can continue the spring cleaning part the rest of next week, at least until Thursday…this brings me to my NEWS!!!

So, for quite some time now, I’ve been debating about going back to school, pondering over it for a couple years actually, and I knew when I quit my job back in March of last year, that I couldn’t just be a homemaker forever. At least not while we’re so poor. I needed to help in someway. The loss of the Fiance’s job really put it in perspective. It was easy to keep talking about it and not actually acting on it, when we were doing alright financially. Not good by any means, but the bills got paid and we had food to eat. So one day, while watching tv, I seen an ad for one of those trade schools and they had said something about Clinical Medical Assistant. And something clicked, so I got up and found the nearest school that offered it and sent in my info. I always thought I’d end up going to ITT Tech for computer engineering, but here I was, applying for CMA at McCann School of Business and Technology. I set up an appointment for the interview and low and behold, they loved me! I got in on the spot. There was an entrance exam and I passed it so well, that I qualified for ANY program at the school. So it’s been a bit of a whirlwind and it still hasn’t full sunk in as I had my interview on Wednesday, and my Placement testing on Friday. Thursday night at 5 is my orientation. It would be Friday but I have a funeral to attend (the great grandmother of my Fiance passed away) so I was able to go the night before. And to top it all off, I start Monday March 3rd! So soon! Send me all your prayers that I can keep up good grades and actually do well and like the program!

Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again soon!



Life updates and a little recipe!

WOW! Time got away from me during the Holidays, and then I got sick, and my wisdom tooth came in, and then I got sick again, and then I dropped a bowl in my sink while washing it and had to rush to the hospital to get stitches in my wrist because I sliced it down deep! Today was the first time I’ve been back to church since Christmas Eve. The boy and I sang in the choir for the service. It was really lovely! It was a serious shock going back today because the Pastor took a Sabbatical and I kinda got worried at first because I hadn’t read the handout yet. His mother had passed away shortly before Thanksgiving, so it’s completely understandable. On another kinda meh note…the boys decided to leave his full time job working at the college, which was the main source of our income. It’s getting down to the wire now to be able to pay March’s rent and I am panicking since he has yet to find another job. On a good note though, on Wednesday, I am meeting with a career counselor at McCann University in hopes of attending their CMA(Clinical Medical Assistant) Program. They are not open enrollment so prayers please!! I really hope I get in, and while it doesn’t solve our current predicament, it will help us in the future while the boy finishes his degree and figures out what he wants to do with his life. Anyway I know this is kind of a wordy post, but so much has happened in just 2 and a half months! Now, on to the recipe!

This is a super simple dish, and really quite healthy when you think about it. (I apologize for my crappy photos, I only have the camera on my tablet so there is only one photo and it isn’t one of those nice flashy kind of photos)
I call it a Greek chicken salad, but the only thing Greek about it is the tzaziki style dressing.greek chicken salad

what you will need:Dressing
1 1serving size of plain Greek yogurt(I used fage but I prefer oikos)
Lemon Juice
half of a cucumber cut small or diced
1 tsp or so of dry Dill Weed
1/2-1 tsp granulated garlic
2 tsps shredded Parmesan cheese
salt and pepper

What you will need:Chicken and Salad
2-3 smallish/medium sized chicken breasts
6* tsps lemon pepper (more or less depending on number of chicken breasts)
Olive Oil
Any salad mix you like
sliced cucumber
Extra Parmesan cheese
Croutons if you like

How to:Dressing
1. mix together the Greek yogurt with about 1/4 tsp to 1/2 tsp of lemon juice, dill, garlic, and salt and pepper to taste.
2. Use the milk to thin it our to your desired consistency. If you like it thick, add less, if you want it thinner, add a little more. Only add a small amount at a time. About a tbsp at most. And mix thoroughly before adding more. You can always add more milk, if it gets too thin add more Greek yogurt if you have it.
3. Mix in your cucumber and Parmesan cheese and set aside.

How to: Chicken
1. trim your chicken breasts and lay them on a baking sheet with tin foil. Cover each side in about a tsp of Lemon Pepper seasoning. *2 tsps per chicken breast*
2. You can bake them at 375 until thoroughly cooked or transfer them into a pan with a couple tsps of olive oil (this way gives them a better char) cook thoroughly, depending on the size and thickness of the breast will determine cooking time.
3. once chickens are cooked thoroughly, slice up and set aside.

How To:Salad
1. You can get creative here, I just used bagged iceburg mix, but you can chop up your own or use any other bagged lettuce you would like. Put it in a big salad bowl
2. Slice up the rest of the cucumber into half moons and top onto your salad
3. Add your sliced chicken
4. Add Parmesan cheese or if you like add Feta or any other cheese as desired.
5. If you are using croutons or any other topping add it now, this also includes other veggies like tomatoes and bell pepper, Greek Olives, etc.
6. Top with dressing and mix well. Season with salt and pepper to taste.


Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again soon!