Welcome to my new little place on the net! I’m excited to share with you the all the blessings that life has to offer! This blog started as an idea, of a place to keep a digital copy of all the recipes I have scattered about and an attempt to stop badgering my grandmother for the same recipe over and over because I keep misplacing it. Also, having been told time and time again I should write a cook book, I decided I’d start a blog and share my recipes and see how others like them first. But this isn’t just for food mind you! I do craft and I enjoy sharing my little feats of crafting with others (I’m not very good yet as I am serious novice in most of the crafts I have undertaken of late) I also want to share my journey with you, whatever that may be at the time. The journey of life I suppose. My journey toward self acceptance, toward future weight loss, to marriage and attempting to conceive a child( I will divulge of this story in another post at another time), my journey toward God and understanding him and his teachings and wherever else I end up, I look forward to sharing it all with you, the ups and downs and in betweens. Because even when things seem tough, simply living is a blessing unto it self.

So thank you for stopping by and I hope you stay! You are always welcome here, leave a comment and I will do my best to respond no matter what!



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